St. Anne's Christian Ladies Sodality

Formed in 1889, St. Anne's Christian Ladies Sodality is the oldest active organization within St. John's Parish.  The purpose of forming this group was to unite the ladies of the parish so they could support one another by prayers and deeds in their efforts to live as dedicated Christian women.

Originally their patron saint was St. Elizabeth.  The big bell in the steeple was purchased by the Sodality in 1900 and bears an inscription to St. Elizabeth.  Their patron was later changed to St. Anne, the mother of Mary.

St. John's PCCW (Parish Council of Catholic Women) as the group has come to be known, has membership composed of all ladies of the parish, high school graduate or 18 years of age and over.  The membership is automatic and their are no dues to belong.  

The group meets in St. Anne's Room at 6:00 p.m. on the third Wednesday of the month with no meeting during the months of June, July and December.  Meetings are open to all members and the minutes are posted in the bulletin following the meeting to keep all informed of our upcoming activities.

2019-20 Officers

Geri Geringer, President 

Nancy Keim, Vice President

Glenda Landewee, Treasurer

JoEllen Jansen, Secretary



Parish Christmas Party


Mother-Daughter Luncheon for Parish High School Seniors.


Annual Rummage Sale at the KC Hall


Annual Mission Breakfast


Nursing Home Gifts

Other Activities

Bereavement Dinners & Receptions

Monthly Donations to Food Pantry

Support to Seminarians