St. Monica Mother's Group

Are you having trouble keeping the many appointments and meetings straight? Need help with getting kids to or from ball practice or to PSR before school?  Ever wish you had someone to compare children stories or situations with?  Or are you looking for suggestions or friendly advice for when little Tommy throws his next temper tantrum?  Or need help with NFP?

St. Monica Mother's Group is your answer.  This group is open to anyone just trying to stay afloat in this busy world of parenting; from comparing ballgame schedules and homework, to diapers and sleepovers, to first communion meetings and Rosary Club, to help with natural family planning.  This group is your sounding board, your support group!

Their mission is to support others, especially mothers in the best ways they know how.  

Since the group began in 2016, various moms and other "non-moms" of all ages have helped them in bringing a week of cooked meals to over 30 families with newborns welcomed home in their little community.

For more information, contact Kyla Langston.

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Meeting dates and other information can be found on our Facebook page.

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Share Stories


Sharing and comparing family stories, interests and traditions.

Community Involvement


You never know where you might find us hanging around at.

Meal Giving


Providing meals or necessities to families with newborns or after surgery and illness.



Running here and there, sometimes carpooling and sharing in the trips comes into play.

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